Sharp Solutions.
Blunt Transparency.

From out-right purchasing deals to profitable partnership programs tailored to generate increased sales revenue over time, we customize our solutions to fit your material needs. With a secure online portal, rich with up-to-date inventory and sales tracking features, the performance of your material is just a click away.

No Waste. Ever.

Our best-in-class recovery initiatives are accomplished by our expert ability to identify hidden assets such as gold, silver, palladium, and other precious metals among material that would otherwise be scrapped.

We take pride in extracting every last bit of value from the material you entrust us with. If it can’t be re-marketed at top dollar or monetized through other means, your material is ethically recycled and repurposed.

We'll Take
it From Here.

Whether it’s small lots, entire sea containers, or large-scale liquidation projects, our competitive advantage lies in making it easy for you, our client. Armed with decades of experience and a vast, global distribution network, we strategically link your supply with the right demand.

Inventory Integrity. Absolute Discretion.

Through long-standing partnerships with Private, Commercial and Military Vendors that handle sensitive materials, our systems were developed from the ground up to cultivate trust by way of resolute operational discretion. In our volatile space of high value technology, being equipped with the latest inventory and market conditions is equally paramount. That’s why we’ve established advanced protocols to ensure flawless accounting, cross-referencing and tracking for the over one billion components that we keep in stock.

Broad Range. Laser Focus.

Whether it’s commercial or military-grade integrated circuits, memory devices, semiconductors, diodes, resistors, relays or capital equipment, our experts are equipped to offer accurate assessments and line your products up with the right clients. To further Our asset management solutions are designed to decomplexify any wide range of New, Obsolete, Excess, and End of Life inventory challenges you may be presented with. Contact Dan-Mar Components today to learn how we can serve you.

Our Global Sales
Network Moves Product

We drive sales of your assets through our existing corporate distribution network and connections established over decades in the business.