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Dan-Mar has dedicated nearly twenty years to providing the skill set and resources to act as a virtual extension to the many corporations we partner with. Our focus is to insure our partner’s efforts to maximize revenue without the necessity of re-inventing themselves.
Through our experience we know that no two companies have the same needs when it comes to managing and disposing of their inventory. This is why we thoroughly analyze our partners needs on a lot by lot basis to continually guarantee we are supplying them with the most efficient and cost effective solution for their current needs.

We offer several different services to our partners including but not limited to:

      • Asset Recovery
      • Inventory Disposition
      • Materials Management

We are continually refining and expanding the services that we offer to our partners so we can stay ahead of our partners needs and always offer them the best fit for their inventory needs. So whether you are an OEM looking to liquidate end-of-life or surplus inventory, a contract manufacturer looking to liquidate the left over stock from a closed project, a repair house looking to reduce slow moving stock, or a components distributor looking to reduce your inventory; Dan-Mar can help you.

Asset Recovery

Unlike other companies offering asset recovery services Dan-Mar prefers to treat our clients as Partners rather than customers. We firmly believe that a successful company should concentrate on their core competencies. We have dedicated nearly 20 years to refining the skill set and resources needed to act as a virtual extension to any corporation we partner with. This allows our partners to concentrate on growing and advancing their business while we work on managing their end-of –life and surplus inventory.

Dan-Mar’s partners that currently utilize our Partner Program consist of international corporations, global electronic manufacturers, and international OEMs. The Dan-Mar Partner Program has allowed our partners to realize the following benefits:

• A customized inventory management and procurement program that is tailored to their specific needs and concerns. We work with our partners to analyze their needs and supply them with the best solution for their specific needs

• There are no false expectations or un-realistic promises because Dan-Mar advises all of our partners on the marketability and potential value of all inventories on a lot by lot basis before it is released to us.

• Upon determination of the most profitable disposition of the material Dan-Mar will work in concert with our Partner to expedite the logistics of the material to one of our secure facilities.

• Dan-Mar also provides our partners with access to our web based Partner Portal. Through this our Partners are able to access archived sales and receiving reports as well as real-time inventory status and up to the minute sales data.

• Dan-Mar also gives all of our Partners the ability to interface with any of our program managers to help evaluate and manage inventory that is either in the program or being evaluated for placement in the program. This allows our partners to treat our staff as an extension of their own.

Inventory Disposition

As technology advances manufacturers as well as corporations run in to the same dilemma, what to do with surplus, end-of-life and obsolete assets. Manufacturers and OEMs run into this problem with assemblies and electronic components from older models while corporations run into this issue with their capital equipment.

Dan-Mar instills in its staff the drive to think outside the box when it comes to analyzing our Partners’ material. We not only look at the item, but we also look at the individual components that go into the item. Most asset recovery companies do a similar analysis, but not to the extent that we do. We not only look at the individual boards and assemblies; we go look at the individual chips on the boards as well as the precious metal content of the components and boards. This allows us to offer our partners a higher ROI on the assets.

So whether you are a corporations looking to liquidate your retired computers, laptops, and servers or you are an OEM or contract manufacturer looking to liquidate your surplus or end-of-life inventory we can help you.

Materials Management

For nearly twenty years Dan-Mar has refined the skills and built the resources and infrastructure to act as a virtual extension to our partners. Managing your inventory and assets; just like everything else, has a life-cycle. You have the purchasing process then you have production process and then you have your EOL and surplus inventory after production is done. With our experience and infrastructure we are able to assist our Partners in the Surplus/EOL stage as well as in the purchasing stages of production.

Within house inventory of over one billion components as well as our network of distributors, OEMs, contract manufacturers, and dealers we are able to assist our partners in finding hard to find parts. Any items in our in house inventory normally ship the same day the order is placed and confirmed. This gives our partners a reliable source for components in varying quantities. So whether they need enough for a full production run or a small quantity for testing or prototyping we can supply them quickly and reliably.

This combined with the various services we offer to liquidate a partner’s inventory allows us to more easily manage your material. So whether you need help sourcing a hard to find part or you need to relocate your older stock to make room for new projects, or you need to liquidate your end-of-life or surplus; Dan-Mar can help you manage your material in a professional, efficient, reliable and profitable manor.