Consumer Electronics

Manufacturers are constantly developing and releasing new and more powerful devices. This advancement means many consumer electronics have a life cycle measured in months instead of years.

This rapid pace of change introduces challenges for the consumers as well as manufacturers. When a new version is released, the manufacturer is left with surplus parts and devices left over from the previous model, while the consumer has difficulties finding accessories and replacement parts. Dan-Mar is able to offer solutions to both parties.

Dan-Mar has built long-term relationships with some of the largest OEMs and contract manufacturers in the world, and purchases and manages end-of-life and surplus inventory for many of these companies. Through these relationships, we are able to offer manufacturers a means to recoup their investment; this limits their loss and allows them to contain costs. We are also able to make accessories and replacement parts for end-of-life and obsolete equipment available to repair houses and consumers alike, allowing those who choose not to upgrade a means of keeping their existing devices viable.

Whether you are an OEM or a contract manufacturer looking to recoup your investment in your end-of-life and surplus inventory or if you are a repair house looking for hard to find parts to repair older equipment, we can help you find the parts you are looking for.

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