Capital Equipment

Dan-Mar is the trusted provider for buyers and sellers of used capital equipment with outstanding values for a wide variety of excess, used, or end-of-life technology.

Thanks in part to continuous innovation by component manufacturers; Moore’s Law still rings true. The number of transistors on an integrated circuit continues to double every two years, and electronics and computers have an ever-shortening life span. This trend, coupled with constant consolidation across large corporations and financial institutions has caused an influx of used capital equipment into the market. Due to this trend many corporations, small businesses, not-for-profit organizations, schools, and universities are looking into used equipment to help cut costs and improve their budgets.

We can handle all capital equipment including, but not limited to:

  • Networking equipment (Cisco, Bay Networks, Nokia, etc.)
  • Desktop & Laptop Computers (HP, IBM, Toshiba, Dell, Sony, Asus etc.)
  • Computer Servers (HP, Dell, IBM, SUN, etc.)
  • Telecommunications Equipment (Avaya, Cisco, ROLM, Toshiba, etc.)
  • Printers (HP, Epson, Dell, etc.)

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