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Regardless of the industry there is a common requirement that all companies have; a reliable supply chain. Dan-Mar has worked hard for more than 20 years building an infrastructure to supply our customers with a reliable source of equipment and components.
We buy and sell inventory in several major categories:

So whether you are a contract manufacturer looking for a hard to find transistor, a corporation looking to expand your phone system, a not for profit looking to purchase used office equipment, or a repair house looking for a hard to find part; we can help you. Unlike the various brokers in our industry; we only list Inventory that we manage in one of our facilities.

Electronic Components

In this day and age companies are continually trying to stay ahead of their deadlines while trying to stay ahead of their competition in designing next generation technology. This is made more difficult and sometimes impossible without a reliable supply chain for your inventory. When purchasing electronic components and sub-assemblies one is always better of dealing with a distributor that actually manages the inventory rather than a broker. This guarantees a timely delivery of the item as well as a better price on the item.
Dan-Mar Components is one of the leading independent stocking distributors in the world. We supply inventory to international OEMs and contract manufacturers to research laboratories to government institutions. Dan-Mar also deals in Mil-Spec components and has a large selection of hard to find components.

Over the years through our aggressive purchasing and partnerships with OEMs and contract manufacturers Dan-Mar has built up an in-house inventory of over 1 billion devices that are available for same day shipping to anywhere in the world. So whether you are looking for a hard to find transistor, an obsolete integrated circuit, or a processor for a prototype device; Dan-Mar can help you.

Telecommunications Equipment

As the technology behind telephony advances businesses are continually upgrading and expanding their telecommunications infrastructure. As the technology advances telecommunications manufacturers are continually decommissioning older technology. This continuing cycle causes a large amount of surplus and used equipment. This life cycle allows gives small and medium sized businesses access to move advanced telephony at a reduced price.

Dan-Mar through its relationship with manufacturers, distributors, repair houses, end users, and installation specialist has been able to build an ever expanding network of suppliers and purchasing agents for telecommunications equipment. This network combined with our in-house refurbishing capabilities and infrastructure we are able to purchase and sell a wide selection of new, refurbished, and out of service equipment from all the leading manufacturers including Avaya, AT&T, Lucent, Nortel, Cisco, Toshiba, NEC, ROLM, and various others.

We have a proven reputation for supplying our customers with unsurpassed service and a quality product. As a testament to our quality product we back all of our equipment with up to a one year warranty.
So whether you are a corporation looking to expand or streamline your telephone system, a distributor looking to liquidate surplus inventory, an installer looking for a hard to find part, or an end user looking to replace a broken phone; Dan-mar can help you.

Capital Equipment

Moore’s Law states that the number of transistors that can be inexpensively place on an integrated circuit increases exponentially; doubling every two years, causing electronics and computers to have an ever shortening life span. This trend along with large corporations and financial institutions continually merging, relocating, and upgrading offices has caused an influx of used capital equipment into the market. This influx has also caused a large number of corporations, small businesses, not-for-profit organizations, schools, and universities to look to used equipment to help cut costs and stretch their budgets.

Dan-Mar stands above all others in providing buyers and sellers of used capital equipment with outstanding values for a wide variety of excess, used, or end-of-life technology. We can handle all capital equipment including, but not limited to:

• Networking equipment (Cisco, Bay Networks, Nokia, etc.)
• Desktop & Laptop Computers (HP, IBM, Toshiba, Dell, Sony, Asus, etc.)
• Computer Servers (HP, Dell, IBM, SUN, etc.)
• Telecommunications Equipment (Avaya, Cisco, ROLM, Toshiba, etc.)
• Printers (HP, Epson, Dell, etc.)

Consumer Electronics

Through the constant advances in technology consumer electronics manufacturers are constantly developing and releasing newer, smaller and more powerful consumer electronics. This progression of advancement causes most consumer electronics to become obsolete and be replaced by a newer, smaller, faster version on a yearly basis. Some devices you can set your calendar based on the release date of the next ground breaking version due to come to market.

This accelerated life cycle causes issues for the consumer as well as the manufacturers of the devices. When a new version is released the manufacturer winds up with surplus parts and devices left over from the previous model and the consumer runs into difficulties trying to find accessories and replacement parts for the device. This is where Dan-Mar gets involved.

Dan-Mar has built long term relationships with some of the largest OEMs and contract manufacturers in the world. We purchase and or manager a large amount of their end-of-life and surplus inventory. Through these relationships were are able to give the manufacturers a way of recouping their investment in the parts; therefore limiting their loss and allowing them to keep their cost down. We are also able to make accessories and replacement parts for end-of-life and obsolete equipment available to repair houses and consumers alike allowing those who choose not to upgrade a way of keeping their existing devices for a longer period of time.

So whether you are an OEM or a contract manufacturer looking to recoup your investment in your end-of-life and surplus inventory or you are a repair house looking for hard to find parts to repair older equipment; we can help you find the parts you are looking for .