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Founded in 1990, and entirely owned and operated since by Daniel Martin, Dan-Mar Components has provided a highly reliable stocking inventory source for buyers of electronic component devices and equipment. It is entirely due to our knowledge of the product and our market expertise that many of the technology sector manufacturer’s fortune 100 rely on Dan-Mar for the efficient handling of their supply needs as well as the management of their end-of-life and surplus material.

Dan-Mar has invested twenty years into refining the skill set and resources needed to act as a virtual extension to your company. Our belief is that a successful company is one that can concentrate on their core competences. Our focus is to assist our partners with their inventory management; whether it be by helping them find a hard to find part, liquidating their EOL and surplus stock, or liquidating their obsolete capital equipment.

Our partners range from international contract manufacturers to OEMs to fortune 500 corporations to small and mid-sized businesses. The Dan-Mar Partner Program has benefited our partners in many ways including but not limited to:

• A custom tailored solution and implementation of an inventory management and procurement program. No two companies are identical therefore no two Inventory management programs are completely alike.
• Relying on Dan-Mar’s expertise, Partners are advised on the Marketing Viability of their inventory before it is released to us. There are no false expectations or un-realistic promises conveyed to our partners. Upon the determination of the best disposition for a partners materials will be Dan-Mar works in concert with the partner to expedite the logistics of the product to one of Dan-Mar’s secure facilities.
• Dan-Mar provides our partners with a web based portal giving them access to real-time stock levels and sales data as well as historical receiving and monthly sales reports. Allowing our partners full access to all information regarding any of their material that we manage.
• We also allow our partners to have direct access to all of our program managers giving them unobstructed access to information and advice about their material. This openness allows Dan-Mar’s staff to act as an additional to our partners’ enterprise.

We are firm believers that it is more profitable for everyone to work as partners. We market our entire inventory as if it was our own. We do not put our privately owned stock ahead of our partners’ inventory. Nearly 35% of our gross sales since 2002 were from sales of our partners’ material.

When selecting a company to partner with it is important to look for a stable company with the right personnel and good marketing positioning that will look out for your best interest and proprietary material.

In today’s marketplace corporations change management, merge and change ownership on a regular basis. It is becoming more and more difficult to find a company with a stable history and a long term management team. Dan-Mar has been privately owned and managed for nearly twenty years by Daniel Martin and enjoys the financial stability and resources built upon years of service excellence.

Dan-Mar’s staff is comprised of technical experts, trained market analysts and a multi-lingual sales and purchasing staff. Our experts are able to handle a wide selection of tasks for our partners ranging from classification and evaluation of proprietary material to circuit board de-population to foreign and domestic transport of materials. Our staff’s superior work ethic and pride in what they do enables them to consistently outperform their peers.

Market Position:
As one of the leading independent stocking distributors and a leader in the re-marketing of assets, Dan-Mar has become an international force within the industry. Highly regarded by our partners, product suppliers, corporations, and manufacturers around the world, our acceptance by the international electronics industry and global corporations is an indication of our abilities and commitment to service.

Our staff is well versed in handling sensitive material from our partners. Whether it is proprietary products that need to be destroyed or sensitive military components, we understand the importance of security, confidentiality and accountability. Throughout the process of analysis and sales or disassembly and destruction (if required), our partners’ requirements are met unerringly.